So what is artesian water, exactly?


By definition, an artesian aquifer is a "confined natural underground reservoir containing water under positive pressure". These aquifers are generally found deep below the earth's surface, where Mother Nature can deposit and preserve massive amounts of her finest vintage water. Just like the rest of us, she likes to keep the good stuff locked up. Once an artesian aquifer is located and drilled into, the positive pressure pushes the water to the surface.
Most artesian aquifers around the world are perpetually replenished by the ongoing flow of rain and groundwater. But there are some rare exceptions to that. These exceptions are aquifers that are completely sealed off, where ground water can’t flow freely into the reservoir.


The Oakley Artesian Water aquifer is one of these exceptions.


Totally sealed off from all outside influences for eons, our water is just as pure today as when it was sealed away in the ground, back in 16,000 BC.  


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