The first time you sample a cool mouthful of Oakley Artesian Water, you’ll be amazed at the clean, refreshing flavor that greets your taste buds.


Right away you’ll see that our water is clearly different. It's different because it’s ancient. To properly understand what that means, let's take a little hydrological journey into the past.......


The year is 16,000 BC. The earth is in the final stages of the last Ice Age, and massive glaciers dot the landscape. There’s a crystal-clear stream of icy water flowing down a rocky mountainside, cascading haphazardly toward an azure pool of life-sustaining liquid below. You approach the pool and kneel down to drink. As the first taste of the cool water caresses your senses, you realize this is unlike any water you’ve had before. This is truly water at its finest. Untouched, pure and natural. This is elegant water.


With Oakley Artesian Water,

every taste is a delicious journey back in time.