From the first glimpse, it’s easy to see that the Oakley Artesian Water EVO-PAK pouch is a very unique water container.


Unlike anything else on the market, the EVO-PAK is a far cry from a conventional water bottle. Instead, we've designed a collapsible pouch that truly gives our water the dignified vessel it deserves; a disposable personal cistern that has earned the right to proudly carry Oakley Artesian Water.
The EVO-PAK is designed to deliver our water to you just as it was when it came out of the ground: anciently pristine, crystal clear, and most-importantly, chemical-free. Made from specially developed materials that will not leach toxins into the water, The EVO-PAK is also BPA-free, safely freezable, and insensitive to heat.
There’s even a handy fastening point on the EVO-PAK that can be used to hook it to a belt, bag or pack. Just snap it on and go.