Near the end of the last ice age, an enormous glacier existed in the middle of what are now called the Uinta Mountains in eastern Utah.


Over the course of time, the staggering weight of  massive glacial ice forced pure water downward through porous rock. Eventually this pristine water came to rest in a pressurized natural aquifer, thousands of feet below the surface. Today this unique geological structure is known as the Uintah Arch Paleozoic Aquifer, a federally protected sole source artesian aquifer.

Established 16,000 BC, this water comes to us from an ancient time; a simpler and cleaner time. Undoubtedly as water goes, it was the best of times.


With our sealed extraction and bottling process, we take the utmost care to assure that our ancient water stays completely isolated from everything until you unscrew the cap on our unique EVO-PAK pouch.


That's right: It has virtually zero exposure to the modern world until you take that first sip. Clean and pure with no added ingredients, no human touch. 


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